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Plainview Area Endowment Mini-Grants for Teachers Story: Plainview Christian Academy

A Plainview Christian Academy 9th/10th-grade teacher used their mini-grant from the Plainview Area Endowment to purchase learning materials focused on geometry. These educational toys, including Clever Catch balls, Geoboards, and Folding Shapes, helped students better understand concepts. The teacher commented that the new materials “assisted students in receiving visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experiences while learning geometry.”

The PCA teacher expanded on how the Volume Shapes engage students in active learning:

“During a lesson on pyramid volumes, students guessed how many times they could fill a pyramid with water and empty it into a prism that had the same base shape and height as the pyramid. Students wrote down their guesses then shared them with the class. In groups, students filled pyramids with water and discovered that three times the pyramid's volume was equal to the prism volume. They reasoned that the volume of a pyramid is (1/3)Bh. Investigating the relationship between volumes of pyramids and prisms helped students understand and remember the formula that they discovered.”

Help other schools and teachers implement new learning curriculum by donating to the Plainview Area Endowment today through the provided link:


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