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Plainview Area Endowment Mini-Grants for Teachers Story: Plainview Christian Academy

A Plainview Christian Academy teacher funded her "Breakout!" project for the 2021-2022 school year with a Mini-Grant for Teachers from the Plainview Area Endowment. The Plainview Christian Academy teacher wrote: "Sometimes school can be monotonous: the same thing day in and day out! Assignments can get stagnant with section reviews, essays, and tests. Last year I saw a video of a teacher making an assignment where the students hunted out clues for an end goal. I decided that would be an exciting way to incorporate history into my classroom."

The project was set up as a game, and students split into groups. The groups would then work together to find clues and solve them. Clues were both on the computer and printed out. The teacher reported: "My students were excited to find the clues and break the codes for the end goal and bragging rites as king of the class. They had fun finding information on their own, and it was a blast!"

To donate to the Plainview Area Endowment and help other teachers incorporate new learning opportunities for their students, use the following link:


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