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Plainview Area Endowment Grant Story: Plainview Civic Music Association

The Plainview Civic Music Association partnered with the Wayland Opera Workshop and Opera of the Plains groups to perform for several classes of Plainview elementary students with a grant from the Plainview Area Endowment.

The cast put on a production of "Little Red Riding Hood" for the students, which the organizations say was "quite well received," as seen in the photos below. The organization wrote, "In addition to the artistic mentorship presented to the audience, Wayland music degree-seeking students had the opportunity to participate in educational outreach at an extremely high level."

The Plainview Civic Music Association closes its report with, "We believe we met our PCMA mission of providing quality arts experiences for the Plainview community, funded in part by our generous partners at the Plainview Area Endowment." To give to the Plainview Area Endowment and support other local Plainview organizations, use the following link:


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