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Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Phyllis Wall

What made you want to get involved with the Endowment?

I believe we have the opportunity to leave a faith legacy and a financial legacy. When we partner our money, we can do the big things. Our community is a beautiful place to live, and we want to be a part of creating a better place for the families that follow us. We can leave this financial legacy through the Plainview Area Endowment.

What is the most rewarding part of being on the board?

Serving on the board of the Plainview Area Endowment allows the board member to learn more about ways to give back and encourage our personal network to become involved. Seeing grants distributed throughout our community to our non-profits is the cherry on top of serving with the Plainview Area Endowment. To know that we will make an impact year after year through giving makes me smile.

What is one thing you wish people knew about the Endowment?

The Plainview Area Endowment is for everyone. No matter your financial intake, participating in giving blesses; us and others. Giving Tuesday is the perfect thanksgiving opportunity to give back. Giving Tuesday happens every year, the Tuesday following the Thanksgiving holiday. Another way to grow the Endowment is through the memorial program when you want to provide a lasting gift in memory of a loved one. Estate planned giving is another avenue of leaving a legacy. You can even set up your specific contributing fund under the Plainview Area Endowment umbrella; for the cause that is dear to your heart. It lives on forever!

To support the Plainview Area Endowment and Plainview area non-profits, donate here:

We give back when we plan to give! Everyone can give when they decide they will. The Plainview Area Endowment is here for Plainview; you, me, and our community!


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