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Plainview Area Endowment Grant Story: Plainview Community Concerts Association

The Plainview Community Concerts Association, with funding from the Community Foundation of West Texas, put on several events in their 2019-2020 season. Some of the 75th season’s concerts included a Beach Boys tribute, Sons of Serendip, and Shades of Bublé.

To celebrate the 75th season, the organization started the “Celebrate Plainview Initiative” and gave out a series of golden tickets to various community partners, long-time supporters, and public servants. 791 of these tickets were gifted to thank those who had supported the organization over the years. The golden ticket allowed all employees, and families, of these companies and supporters to attend one show during the season.

A Plainview Community Concerts member reported on one woman’s experience: “About a week before the “American Salute” concert, we received a phone call from a woman whose husband is in an Alzheimer’s care unit at a local nursing home. Together, they had read the press release about the upcoming concert. She relayed that the patriotic salute was all her husband could talk about. She described a renewed excitement in her husband’s voice which had long been absent. The anticipation of attending this particular show helped to reawaken memories of the gentleman’s time in the service many years ago. For the family, none of whom were Community Concert members, the group outing proved to be such a joy and a blessing. They were able to share in that experience and to see a side of their family patriarch once so familiar but not seen in a long while because of the slow ravages of a progressive disorder. Alzheimer’s, though, was not there or even an afterthought that night. Community Concerts is about so much more than just putting on a good show. It is about connecting with people and creating special moments in time.”

Donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas today through the provided link and help other organizations like Plainview Community Concerts Association.


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