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Plainview Area Endowment Mini-Grants for Teachers Grant Story: Plainview Christian Academy

With a mini-grant from the Plainview Area Endowment, a Plainview Christian Academy 4th grade teacher purchased items to create an Experimentation Station for their students. Items included in the Experimentation Station: electricity activity lab, simple machines activity lab, magnet activity lab, solar system activity tub, and many more. These educational kits “put science into the hands of the students and made difficult concepts tangible,” the teacher reported.

The PCA teacher stated, “During the 18-19 school year, I had to teach simple machines and electricity from a textbook. It was such a challenge. When I graded the corresponding papers with these, the grades reflected that they had not mastered the concepts. This year, students got to experience simple machines and electricity prior to even opening up those chapters in the textbook. We worked with the simple machines and with the electrical circuits. Only after doing that did we open up a textbook. The students already understood the concepts, and the grades were amazing!! Not only did they have a better understanding, but they also LOVED science. They were constantly asking to get into the science boxes! Thank you for making science fun!”

Help other schools and teachers implement new learning curriculum by donating to the Plainview Area Endowment today through the provided link:


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