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Plainview Area Endowment Grant Story: Plainview ISD

Plainview ISD can now conduct vision screenings in half the time because of funding from the Plainview Area Endowment. In the past, the school system only had wall charts to use for vision screening for students. The vision screener also made screening younger and special needs students much quicker, taking what used to be a 1-2 minute process down to just a few seconds.

When students would fail the exam, they retested in two weeks, and then referrals were sent out. With the vision screener, children who fail the first screening were given their referral immediately instead of waiting an additional two weeks because of the referral printing option. A PISD employee says, “I believe this has helped parents understand their student’s results better.”

To donate to the Plainview Area Endowment, please use the provided link below:


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